Youth Entrepreneurship: DoniLab nurture StartUps with funding opportunities

In the context of the orientation of young entrepreneurs on funding opportunities available, DoniLab organized, on Tuesday, August 29, 2017, a conference on the theme: “Where is the money”. The conference was moderated by World Bank private sector expert Alexandre Laure in the presence of DoniLab’s manager, Tidiane Ball.

The conference gathered around twenty young entrepreneurs who are looking for ways and means to flourish their business or in the business project exploration phase. According to DoniLab’s manager, Tidiane Ball, the conference was organized around the theme: “where is the money” because young entrepreneurs usually face financing constraints of their project and they do not know where and how they can get funding.

“Knowing well today that the sinews of war is money especially for start-up companies that are about to start. So they do not know where the money is currently for activities funds. That is why we have called on a private sector specialist from the World Bank named Alexandre Laure to build these “Start-Up” on the available financing opportunities and the steps to follow to access funding for the development of our company or business project, “he explained.

Before pointing out that DoniLab is a business incubator that is to say a business support structure. According to him it is to support entrepreneurs starting from the level of the idea creation of enterprise, the implementation of the project to finding funds. “In short, we help create entrepreneurs. He said in substance

For his part, the speaker, Alexandre Laure, explained to the audience that a young entrepreneur must question his status in relation to the right time to finance his project and be ready. He also explained the different ways to finance a “Start-Up” and how to attract and convince investors. To better convince and motivate more “Start-Up”, Alexandre Laure took the example of his own company operating in Uganda from its background to its success.

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