Youth entrepreneurship: Donilab establishes itself in the region of Sikasso

On March 2nd, 2019, the city of Sikasso hosted the launching of DoniLab AgriHub. The event was attended by the representative of the Minister of Digital Economy and Communication, the Governor, the Mayor, and the notables of the region.

The Director of DoniLab, Dr. Tidiane Ball, at the beginning of his remarks, welcomed the guests and justified the establishment of DoniLab AgriHub in Sikasso by the enormous agricultural potential of the area and the easy access to sub-regional markets.

For the founder of DoniLab, TELIMAN will not only help the agripreneurs to produce better, but also to open up to the markets of the sub-region and to consolidate Sikasso in its position as the agricultural and nourishing pole of Mali.

“DoniLab AgriHub has already partnered with projects such as FIER (Professional Training, Integration and Support for Rural Youth Entrepreneurship), and ADA (Support to Autonomous Development) to help young people in the region to create more added value and to boost the production, processing and marketing of local products, ” said Donilab’s General Director.

And Dr. Ball reassured that DoniLab AgriHub through its project “AGRITELIMAN” intends not only to improve the agricultural value chain through innovative techniques and methods, but also support in communication, business plan design, accounting, management of business, and access to finance. “The AgriTeliman program will cover a six-month period and is aimed primarily at young agripreneurs,” he said.

On his side, the Mayor of the urban commune of Sikasso, Khalfa Sanogo, first welcomed the initiative and pledged to accompany DoniLab AgriHub so that this program enjoys the support of the entire population of the third region.

As for the representative of the Minister of Digital Economy and Communication, he congratulated DoniLab for its deployment in Sikasso before encouraging the incubator to be present in other regions in order to allow hundreds of young people to achieve their dreams.

The notables of Sikasso also took turns in welcoming the launch of this program which will contribute, according to them, in the reduction of the unemployment rate and create more opportunities in the area to revitalize the local economy.

The beneficiaries of the AgriTeliman program, on their side, hoped to have enough tools and lessons to improve productivity and maximize their profitability.

It should be recalled that this first phase concerns 15 young agripreneurs, including 5 women and 10 men, who will be selected following a rigorous selection process.

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