Teliman programm: Starttups selected

They were a hundred project holders who submitted their applications and after a selection based on applications, 25 applicants were pre-selected.

 The physical interview, which is the second selection filter, made it possible to select 13 of the most promising projects. They are:

My Patient, a project which focus is to create a platform for the collection and sharing of medical records between medical structures. It is carried by TOSSOU Kokou Daniel and Abdel-latif ISSA TOURE

Nôgôyelen, a company of transformation of the domestic waste into electrical energy, work of SIDIBE Sylla Fatoumata

Tiketa, createdby DAKOUO Eulalie, Bogoro BAKARY and Adama KEITA, it is a web and mobile software designated for the sale of all kinds of tickets online.

Sanzara, which consists of creating local sales points specializing in the sale of chickens, fish and market garden products produced in Mali. Carried by CISSE Mariam.

TOUNKARIS which is a platform of support and reporting intended for the investments of the Malian diaspora by NAPO Alpha;

KEITA Patricia Nyagali who will create a center for the management of people with a specific diet called CeNuLys;

BoloDafa, a platform for connecting housewives and individuals. Carried by DEMBELE Z. Madeleine and Adama Maïga;

UGOCHUKWU Onwuka Jeff wants to provide an innovative financing solution for startups on the Blockchain protocol named DreamFunding;

DreamsFood which is a project of creation of a fast food chain for students carried by Coulibaly Adama;

Mediphare, a company facilitating the insertion and representation of international pharmaceutical companies, by TRAORE Chaka;

E-keneya, a mobile geolocation softaware for health structures designed by DIAWARA FATOUMATA;

Telimani which is a money transfer company via mobile phones, initiative of Modibo KONATE and Cherif ALI a

TamaDjigui, a travel agency to recover their rights in case of road accident, initiative of Konimba SAMAKE

For six months, these ambitious initiatives will benefit from all the amenities an entrepreneur needs to accelerate the development of his/her project.


See you in a few months for news!

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