The fablab of DoniIab is a digital manufacturing workshop accessible to everyone. It is also a suitable place of learning and innovation where you can learn, create, monitor and invent. We oprovide 3D printing, laser cutting / imprinting, embroidery, milling, vinyl cutting, etc.


 DoniFab regularly runs activities around which the community of “changemakers” will be mobilized:

  •  Conferences and awareness-raising workshops,
  • Openlab
  • Discovery,
  • Exhibitions, • Contests and
  • Many other more workshops.


Come to challenge your creativity with the 3D printer. Indeed, this type of printer makes it possible to create objects in 3D, after having them modeled on computer. The machine operates by arranging the item layer by layer, and this stack will help us get the final volume. 

This 3D printer is perfect for prototypes. In addition, our printer allows you to scan in 3D the object of your choice, and then reproduce it with the 3D printer.

Learning, getting trained and making progress in digital manufacturing.

Our fabmanagers at Donilab will be happy to welcome you for introductory sessions on the use of machines, modeling, electronics, on team or custom-made

But also

  • Knowledge sharing, know-how, a little of your time, a coffee…

  • Thinking of alternative solutions, innovative projects, etc.

We have designed bridges between the incubator and the fablab whether you come up with an idea to prototype whose manufacturing success augurs a promising future for your startup or whether you have a hardware startup, we are ready to help you with our potentials.


  • Dravé Maimouna Mouneissa
    Posted 1 March 2018 13 h 13 min

    Bjr!je suis intéressé par les activités que vous faites fablab,et j’aimerai intégré si possible.je suis étudiante en 2ème année Électricité cycle ingenieur à l’Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Bamako.

    • donilabo
      Posted 5 March 2018 12 h 45 min

      Bonjour,pour le FabLab contactez ce numéro 72724201.

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